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why is college so expensive

Why does college cost so much?

How did college become so expensive? Is there a good reason for it?  We'll discuss some of the reasons...and give a few ideas how to avoid the debt monster. 

don't borrow for freshman year how to pay for college

if you have to borrow for freshman year...

If you don't have enough money to pay for freshman year of college...without borrowing...that probably means you'll have to borrow for all four years, right?

how to help your kids become wealthy by avoiding debt

how can you help your child build wealth? 

You probably know that the number one way to build wealth is by avoiding debt.  That includes student debt!

Nancy McKenna Solutions out-of-state tuition

does your child want to go to Penn State, but you live in Connecticut?

Going to college in another state can be a very expensive mistake.  But it doesn't have to be!  Let's look at some alternatives.

are you saving enough for college

know what you don't know!

I've heard a lot of people in my income bracket throw their hands up and say "you just can't get financial aid".    Not true!

what do colleges expect you to contribute? 

Do colleges "count" home equity?  What about the money in your 401k?  Do you own rental properties?  Do your kids have any savings?

community college can lead to great things...

Community colleges get a bad rap - I saw a t-shirt that said "Community College - easier than regular college".  But it can be a beautiful (and frugal) start  to so much more!

5 mistakes smart parents make that cause

don't make these expensive college mistakes!

You know you want the best for your kids, but letting them take on lots of student debt is about the worst thing you can do.  It'll take them a decade just to clear the debt!

transfer to a better school

college transfers can be a great strategy

Once upon a time, parents thought their kids were flakes if they transferred from one college to another.  But it can be a great way to ladder to a much better college!

Why do people feel repaying loans should be optional?...

Debt sucks.  No question about it.  But waiting for a politician to wave his magic want to erase the debt ain't gonna happen....

will your child work while in college?

Some parents want to give their kid every opportunity to get great grades.  But are you doing them a disservice?

New car cause student debt

car loans - a killer when you want to save!

If you  don't want your child to have to borrow for college, you're going to have to make saving a priority.  That means giving up some things...

Help me think through a financial decision...

It's important to think through big financial decisions.   Let's walk through a decision I'm facing now.

why do so many middle-class kids need loans?

Did parents not plan well enough?  Did the price of schools go up much more than anticipated?  Some combination?

if you haven't saved enough for college, you can get help from these well-known companies!

If you  don't want to borrow for college, there are ways to avoid debt.   Here are 5 well-known national companies that will help pay tuition!

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