Nancy McKenna

Hi, I'm Nancy

I help parents get their kids through college without a student debt hangover.

The student debt situation in this country is completely out of control .  

I plan to change that.


  • by educating parents about how harmful student debt can be
  • with influence - by convincing parents not to let their kids take on debt
  • through education - by showing families how they can get a debt-free degree

Somewhere along the line student debt has become acceptable. After all, everyone's doing it, right?  College has just become so expensive, right? There's no other way - right?   WRONG!

Debt is a decision.  You can decide NOT to take on debt.  Then come talk to me! 

Nancy McKenna black and white

Nancy McKenna

Single parent. Accountant. Personal Finance Geek. Student Debt-Free Strategist.

Student debt will be the next financial bubble to burst”

after all, they can't take the degree back!

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