Regret-Free Degree

          with Nancy McKenna

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Do you know how you're going to pay for college?

I can help!  I help parents get their kids through college without a student debt hangover!

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A debt-free degree - a "retro" idea I'm determined to make cool again!

 Pretend student loans don't exist! (Your kids will thank you!)

  • 44 million Americans have student debt
  • There is $1.4 trillion dollars of student debt in the US
  • dollar
    There is $77 billion in Parent Plus loans outstanding (who needs to retire?)
  • I believe student debt will be the next bubble to burst (after all, they can't take the degree back!)

Remember when people graduated from college without debt?  Me too.

I can show you how to win!

Research and strategy - two time-tested methods to ensure success!


Assess where you are

Start at the beginning.   

We'll look at your resources, and put it all down in a spreadsheet.  This will be our starting point.  

I'm an accountant.  Spreadsheets are what I do!


Where does your child want to go to school?

In-state?  Out-of-state? Large university?  Small private school?

Really think about your child's personality and try to find the best fit.  (I'll help you!)


then...the financial stuff

This is where the magic happens!  I have SO much information to share!  

I have two kids to get through college debt-free. I'm determined to do it!  

I'll show you how too!

Decide Not to Borrow For College!

Pretend student loans don't exist! (Your kids will thank you!)

High-Income Family?

It doesn't take much to be considered high income!  (At least in the Federal-government-giving-out-aid context)

How much have you saved?  How much can you spend out of current cash flow?  Which schools give the best aid?  We can talk through all of this to figure out how to get your kids through college without a student debt hangover too!

Do this for your kids!

It may seem impossible to get a great degree without debt, but I'm convinced it's possible!  Click her to learn more!

We need to stop the student debt madness!

Please - tell a friend!  

United we stand!  Take the no-debt pledge!  You'll be the Parent of the Year!

Copyright 2018, Nancy McKenna